Daniel Kolenda combats Covid-19 fears along with answers from a prophetic panel

Watch Daniel Kolenda deliver a powerful illustrated talk in the video below. You will hear the president of Christ for All Nations (CfAN) deliver an encouraging message about overcoming fear by putting your trust in God. He also introduces a panel of prophets to ask such bold questions, as why didn’t they warn the Church concerning Covid-19?

In the video, Daniel cautions believers that in a time of shaking, only what cannot be shaken will remain – our faith and trust in God. The evangelist, who took over from Reinhard Bonnke, urges viewers not to put their eggs in one basket, vividly showing that the baskets of self, government or doctor will ultimately fail us however God will not.

“There is one basket, that no matter how much you shake it, no matter how it rolls, it will not break,” Daniel says. “All the world’s baskets have holes in them, but there is no hole in God’s basket. Jesus never fails!

“As the shaking has come, you may realize that you’ve been building on shifting sand; into earthly, carnal things,” Daniel says. “If that’s you, I want to challenge you to build your life on something that’s more solid – the rock of God’s Word. You can put all of your eggs in God’s basket. You don’t have to be afraid!”

COVID-19 Prophetic Panel with Daniel Kolenda

Where have the prophets been? Did the Body of Christ miss something? How should believers prepare for the future? Is there a consensus among prophets for the current crisis? These are all questions Daniel puts to Jamie Galloway, Patricia King, Brian Guerin and Elizabeth Tiam-Fook.

Christ For All Nations

Founded by Reinhard Bonnke in 1974 and now led by Daniel Kolenda, CfaN continues to pioneer mass-evangelism in Africa and elsewhere and to equip the Church to complete the Great Commission.

The coronavirus pandemic and lockdown has forced many ministries to rethink their outreach strategies. This is no different for CfAN with its main focus of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ worldwide through mass crusades. For more than 40 years CfAN has reached millions of people annually with some 80-million registered first-time decisions from individuals who have given their lives to God.

Although CfAN has not been able to be on the mission field, Daniel Kolenda has used lockdown to train a group of 50 new evangelists. They will soon be released onto the mission field once Covid-19 restrictions are relaxed. And, as the Prophetic Panel demonstrates, CfaN has used its online presence to minister to thousands around the globe during the crisis.

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