Healing from Heaven with Linda Budd

Wait, you can access heavenly body parts to see people healed?!

I can almost guarantee you’ve never heard a method for healing that involves heavenly body parts but you can’t deny healing miracles! Linda Budd, founding pastor of RiverGate Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma has a very unique testimony of pursuing the gift of healing. I interviewed her on Adventures in the Spirit podcast and I know you will be astounded by her story just like I was!

Touched by God

She was first touched by the fire of God in the Toronto revival in 1994 and that same fire is still touching her today. She knows firsthand that once you taste and see that the Lord is good, you can’t walk away from that. And she gradually became insatiably hungry to see people healed for the glory of God. Mark 16 commands us as believers to lay hands on the sick and see them recover. It’s not an option … it’s a direct order!

For many years, Linda prayed for the sick but never actually saw anyone healed. She estimates that she prayed for hundreds of people before she actually started to see people being healed. Let’s be clear: The problem isn’t with Jesus; the problem is with us. So how do we keep pressing in until we see the breakthrough? What was Linda’s breakthrough moment?

Linda gathered all the Scriptures in the Bible on healing and faith, and she read those every single day until they became part of her. She declared them until she believed them.

Then one day she got a supernatural idea. She pictured shelves in heaven with body parts. And she realized that because Jesus already defeated death and the grave, she didn’t need to pray for healing because it has already been accomplished.

Steps to Healing

Linda loves to use healing as an evangelistic tool to see unbelievers healed in store parking lots. Come on, Jesus! So how can you use this method to pray for others and see healing take place?

1. Start by asking Jesus to give the person a brand new body part from heaven.

2. Hold out your hands and wait. Sometimes Linda feels her hands start to burn as if they’re on fire and other times she receives the miracle by faith.

3. Touch the person on the shoulder and declare, “Here is your new [body part] in Jesus’ name.”

Afterward, ask them for feedback. Is the pain gone? Has something changed? Check for a tangible result. If there is none, ask why. Many times, there is unforgiveness in someone’s heart that causes a major roadblock to their healing. If they speak out forgiveness, often their miracle is waiting on the other side of that!

You Can Listen In

Listen to the incredible interview with Linda and be filled with holy boldness to see healing miracles take place wherever you go! Enjoy Adventures in the Spirit podcast available on AppleSpotifyGoogle and the Charisma Podcast Network. When you subscribe, you’ll never miss an episode and you will receive information, impartation AND activation in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Jared Laskey

Jared and Rochelle Laskey founded Fireborn Ministries together to teach believers how to live a daily Spirit-empowered life. You can find their resources and learn more about their ministry at firebornministries.com. They also have e-courses such as “Entry Level Prophecy,” “The Last Days,” “The Baptism with the Holy Spirit,” and more on charismacourses.com, and the popular podcast Adventures in the Spirit, available on the Charisma Podcast Network and anywhere you listen to podcasts plus Spirit Empowered Living, a teaching and equipping podcast.

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