Faith and Freedom is Found In Christ Jesus

Faith and Freedom In Christ Jesus: William described his life before meeting Jesus as that of an atheist, an alcoholic, and a drug addict. However, in a moment of desperation and near death, he had a supernatural encounter with the Savior.

We have all faced challenges in this life, but because of your new creation life in Christ, you can be assured you will be victorious. Learn how your journey of faith and freedom is found in the finished work of Christ Jesus. In this life-changing conversation, I had the privilege of speaking with William Wood, a Global Awakening Associate Evangelist and author of the book Every Day of Victory: Practical Weapons to Fight, Stand, and Live Free. We delved into the transformative power of encountering Jesus and the importance of standing in the truth of the new covenant.

Faith In Jesus Leads to Freedom

William shared his personal testimony of how he encountered Jesus in a profound and life-changing way. He described his life before meeting Jesus as that of an atheist, an alcoholic, and a drug addict. However, in a moment of desperation and near death, he had a supernatural encounter with the Savior. William vividly recounted the experience of seeing a bright light and a man’s figure walking toward him. He felt a powerful presence of love and knew that this man was not there to harm him. This encounter led to his physical and spiritual healing, as his organs were miraculously restored, and he was set free from addiction.

William’s story is a powerful reminder that Jesus meets us in our darkest moments and offers us hope, healing, and transformation. It is a testament to the unconditional love and grace of our Savior, who is always ready to extend His hand to those who are lost and broken.

“I went into that hospital an atheist, but I came out of that hospital a son.” -William Wood

The Power of Identity: Distorting God’s Image

During our conversation, we explored the concept of identity and how the enemy seeks to distort the image of God in us. William explained that Satan’s ultimate desire is to be God, but since he cannot achieve that, he tries to pervert and distort the image of God in humanity. He wants to undermine the Creator by distorting the very image we were created to represent.

William emphasized the importance of knowing our true identity in Christ and how the enemy uses deception and temptation to attack us. He highlighted the power of deception, which stems from the ignorance of the truth of God’s Word. When we lack knowledge of who we are in Christ, we become susceptible to the enemy’s lies and manipulation. William also discussed the subtlety of temptation, as the enemy projects his sinful nature upon us, hoping that we will agree with his desires. However, when we resist and oppose the devil, we can stand in the truth of our identity and overcome his schemes.

Standing in the Armor of God: Fighting with New Covenant Faith

As we delved deeper into the topic of spiritual warfare, William emphasized the importance of standing in the armor of God and applying the truth of the new covenant to our lives. He highlighted Ephesians 6:17, which states that the sword of the Spirit is the Word of God. The Bible is our weapon of warfare, and through the knowledge and application of God’s Word, we can dismantle the lies and false beliefs that the enemy tries to impose on us.

William emphasized that while God provides us with everything we need to walk in victory and freedom, it is our responsibility to apply what He has given us. He drew a parallel to James 1:22, which urges us not to be hearers of the Word only, but also doers of the Word. It is not enough to simply have knowledge; we must actively apply that knowledge to our lives. William encouraged listeners to actively oppose the devil and resist his lies, knowing that what we oppose, we can resist.

“You don’t overcome those lies and false beliefs by trying to identify that. You overcome them by identifying truth.” -William Wood

The New Covenant: Dead to the Law, Alive to God

One of the most significant themes we discussed was the new covenant and the freedom it brings. William highlighted the contrast between a works-based relationship with God, rooted in the law, and a grace-based relationship with God, rooted in the finished work of Jesus Christ. He emphasized that sin was imputed unto us under the old covenant Law, leading to a sin consciousness and self-righteousness. However, under the new covenant of grace, sin has been imputed unto Christ, and we have become the righteousness of God in Him.

“When you base your relationship on your performance, it will manifest itself into two forms in your life, a sin consciousness or self-righteousness.” – William Wood

William emphasized that we are no longer under the curse of the law but have been set free by the sacrifice of Jesus. He debunked the notion that God only helps those who help themselves, highlighting that our salvation is not based on our own efforts but on the finished work of Christ. He encouraged listeners to embrace the truth that they stand before God as righteous, holy, and pure because of Jesus’ sacrifice.

When we know who we are and what Christ has done for us, we can walk in freedom, confidence, and authority. We no longer have to live under the weight of condemnation or the fear of falling short. Instead, we can boldly approach the throne of grace, knowing that we are accepted and loved by our Heavenly Father.

“The only hope, the only righteousness there is, is Christ’s righteousness.” -Christina Perera

The Power of Victory: Faith In Christ’s Victory

As believers stand in their identity and wield the sword of the Spirit, they can confidently wage spiritual warfare and see God’s power manifest in their lives. The enemy’s lies and deception will be exposed and defeated, and believers will walk in the fullness of their calling and purpose.

The journey of faith and freedom begins with encountering Jesus and embracing our true identity in Him. As we stand in the truth of the new covenant and wield the sword of the Spirit, we can overcome the enemy’s schemes and walk in victory. Let us continue to grow in the knowledge of Jesus and the power of His finished work, knowing that we are dead to the law and alive to God.

May the revelation of Jesus and the truth of the new covenant continue to transform lives and bring freedom to all who believe.

“Under the old covenant law, sin was imputed unto us. But under new covenant grace, sin has been imputed unto Christ.” -William Wood

Revealing Jesus With Christina Perera- Learn How To Live Free in Christ With William Wood

Christina Perera is a passionate five-fold minister who lives to exalt Jesus in every area. She is passionate about unity in the Body of Christ and bringing Christ out of the scriptures to reveal Jesus and His finished work. She is the author of Fire In Unity and the founder of Christina Perera Ministries, Inc.  She hosts Revealing Jesus on Charisma’s Podcast Network. For more information on her ministry, visit

Christina Perera

Christina is a revivalist and carries a message of love and unity. Her passion for Jesus is contagious, spreading like wildfire, moving hearts out of complacency and into a deep desire for intimacy with our Lord Jesus Christ. Through revelation knowledge, she inspires others as she reveals more of the incredible heart of Jesus. She carries an anointing for healing and revival. Invite Christina to speak at your meeting, service, small group or youth group.

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