Jesus’ Healing Love Leads to Wholeness: Pratical Steps to Healing Body, Soul & Spirit

I am no stranger to chronic sickness and disease, but no matter what you are facing, Jesus is the healer. He longs to heal your body, soul, and spirit.

Jesus’ Healing Love Leads to Wholeness: Practical Steps to Healing Body, Soul & Spirit

I am no stranger to chronic sickness and disease, but no matter what you are facing, Jesus is the healer. He longs to heal your body, soul, and spirit. As you surrender to His healing love wholeness becomes yours. In this week’s episode of Revealing Jesus with Christina Perera, join me and Sue Detweiler, an author, international speaker, and Life Bridge Global executive director. Sue is also the author of the book Healing Rain: Immersing Yourself in Christ’s Love to Find Wholeness of Mind, Body, and Heart. Jesus’ idea of healing encompasses your entire being. Learn about the power of healing, both physical and emotional, and the role of faith in overcoming challenges that impacts our lives.

The Impact of Soul Healing on Physical Health

Soul healing is vital in achieving physical well-being. Sue explains that the heart, encompassing the mind, will, and emotions, plays a significant role in our overall health. Sue draws from the Old Testament’s perspective on the heart as the essence of a person and highlights the complexity of our being. She encourages listeners to position their hearts before Jesus, allowing Him to cleanse and heal any residual toxins. Sue shares a powerful image of God massaging the heart, emphasizing His care for our entire being.

“Often the healing is not a simple thing. It’s a complex healing where He’s healing our heart and He’s healing our body.” – Sue Detweiler

Dealing with Disappointment and Contending for Miracles

Disappointment can be a roadblock, particularly in the context of healing. Sue shares the story of Pastor Michael Miller, who experienced the loss of a young boy he had believed would be healed of cancer. Michael’s anger towards God and subsequent dream encounter with Jesus highlight the struggle of disappointment and the choice to continue contending for miracles. Sue encourages listeners to be authentic in their conversations with God and to surrender their disappointments to Him.

“I want to release a hunger for healing and miracles. God heals today. I’ve seen blind eyes open, I’ve seen deaf ears open, and people dancing around because God did a miracle.” – Sue Detweiler

Practical Steps for Healing and Wholeness

Sue provides practical steps for those seeking healing and wholeness in their lives. She emphasizes the importance of Sabbath rest and communion as powerful practices for healing. She encourages listeners to prioritize rest and to partake in communion as a daily act of faith, believing in the healing power of Jesus.

“Stop, drop, and roll. So many times in our world, our world tries to keep you moving fast. And the world basically gives you options to medicate your pain through a Netflix movie or through social media or through drugs, through sex, all sorts of things to medicate your pain. And we forget the basics.” – Sue Detweiler

Embracing Mystery and Contending For More

There are mysteries surrounding healing and the challenges that arise when healing does not occur as expected. She shares stories of miraculous healings and instances where healing did not manifest in the desired way. It is important we maintain faith and contend for healing, even in the face of disappointment. We must renew our minds with the truth of God’s Word and reject any lies or victim mentalities associated with chronic sickness.

“Learning to take your heart before the Lord… whenever sorrow or disappointment settles in our heart, and we fall asleep in it, it can really cause you to slumber in your life where you miss the fullness of God, and you literally need to be awakened, and your heart has to be healed.” – Sue Detweiler

Wholeness For All

Jesus desires comprehensive healing for all. You can be whole again by addressing the importance of heart healing, dealing with disappointment, and contending for miracles. As we position our hearts before Jesus, renew our minds with God’s Word, and surround ourselves with a supportive healing team, we can rest assured that Jesus will complete good work in our lives. The revelation of God’s healing power will spread, leading to an increase in miraculous healing and a deeper understanding of the mystery of healing.

Christina Perera is a passionate five-fold minister who lives to exalt Jesus in every area. She is passionate about unity in the Body of Christ and bringing Christ out of the scriptures to reveal Jesus and His finished work. She is the author of Fire In Unity and the founder of Christina Perera Ministries, Inc.  She hosts Revealing Jesus on Charisma’s Podcast Network. For more information on her ministry, visit

Christina Perera

Christina is a revivalist and carries a message of love and unity. Her passion for Jesus is contagious, spreading like wildfire, moving hearts out of complacency and into a deep desire for intimacy with our Lord Jesus Christ. Through revelation knowledge, she inspires others as she reveals more of the incredible heart of Jesus. She carries an anointing for healing and revival. Invite Christina to speak at your meeting, service, small group or youth group.

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