Cal Pierce and How to Heal the Sick

Cal Pierce shares his supernatural encounter with God launching his ministry around the world

Cal Pierce is the founder of the International Healing Rooms. The ministry exists to see people healed, set free and launched into their destiny by demonstrating the kingdom of God through them. He grew up in Redding, California, and was a member of Bethel Church.

On my podcast, Adventures in the Spirit, Cal tells me, “I got into a religious mode. Church was just church. I was on and off with the board.” He continues, saying, “I had really planned out my life. And was going to retire from real estate and go RV’ing. I would tell people, ‘The reason I’m on the board is because I’m a bored member.'”

A Supernatural Encounter with God

Cal states that the church got a new senior pastor by the name of Bill Johnson. He had a deep hunger for people to have an encounter with God. Bill had returned from the renewal meetings in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and set a night for all the leaders to attend.

“There were a hundred people or so in what was called the ‘Great Room.’ I’d been looking at my watch thinking I had things to do,” Cal says. “But Bill raised his hands to heaven and said, ‘Come, Holy Spirit.’ The fire of God began to come through my body, wave after wave. When that divine encounter happened, it burned up all the chaff and religion I had in my life.”

This began the adventures Cal has been on for the last 21 years. With his wife, they moved their ministry to Spokane, Washington, to redig the John G. Lake wells of revival and healing. When John Lake had the healing rooms there in the 1920s and 1930s, Spokane was the healthiest city in America because of the miracles taking place. He taught people how to heal the sick.

Healing Rooms

Cal says, “We began to open up the well of healing once again in Spokane. No one knew who we were. God just started bringing people to us.”

The healing rooms are now in 76 countries. Cal states, “We discovered that God wasn’t looking for ‘stars’; He was looking for hunger. He is looking for ordinary people who will position themselves in the presence of God. Who He will use to heal the sick.”

On my podcast, Cal shares how he equips people to be used by God in healing. He shared true stories of how people have been healed of cancer and how God has grown International Healing Rooms around the world. It was an honor to have him on my program and pray a powerful impartation for all my listeners. Subscribe to and share Adventures in the Spirit with Jared Laskey available on AppleSpotifyGoogleCharismaYouTube and anywhere you listen to podcasts.

Jared Laskey

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