How You Can Be Activated to Prophesy

Do you want to grow in prophecy? I had a conversation with Craig and Colette Toach that will encourage you and give you keys to grow.

Do you want to be equipped in how to prophesy? Are you growing in the prophetic or want to grow in it? The answers to these questions stems from intimacy and time spent with Jesus.

I recently talked about prophecy and how to grow and be activated in it with my friends Craig and Colette Toach. Colette said, “Every day is a new adventure. God’s reviving in us a hunger for worship. Prophets are naturally worshipers and need to get ‘lost’ in worship.”

Living Waters

At the start of our conversation Craig said, “I just had a vision of a riverbed. A riverbed has so much potential but the whole point of the riverbed is to have water in it. What use is a dry riverbed? The whole point is that it should be full of water and through that it influences so much around it. It waters trees and fosters growth. Sometimes we let our (spiritual) riverbeds get dried up. But no, we must get the water back in there and keep it full so that we can keep the goodness going.”

I asked the Toach’s what they would like to tell people who are curious about prophecy or wondering if they are prophetic. Colette stated, “I would ask them a question. All of us prophets have this one thing in common. I would ask them, ‘If there is anything that you can do for the Lord, what would you do?’ Someone who is prophetic would answer saying, ‘I want to heal the broken-hearted, I want to see justice for those who have been torn down and I want people to know Jesus in an intimate way.’”

The Heart of Prophecy

Craig said, “When you have the heart of a prophet, when the calling is on your life, no matter where your spiritual maturity is and no matter how young or old you are in the Lord, the heart of the prophet is what solidifies you as a prophet. As you mature you become good in what you do. The heart is the starting point that begin this call in. And then it’s your duty to grow and become the best possible prophet you can be from the Lord.”

Keys for You To Grow in Prophecy

Through my conversation with Craig and Colette Toach they gave a few keys for you to grow in prophecy…

  1. Worship God daily. You need to have a deep hunger to worship and get in God’s presence and experience Him.
  2. Understand the heart of prophecy. Colette said, “Being a prophet is not about your gifts, but the heart that the gifts are expressed through.” The heart of prophecy is listening to Jesus’ heartbeat and keeping your heart pure before Him in order to minister His love to others (John 13:23). 
  3. Study the Word of God. Know how to study the scripture, memorize it and meditate on it (Psalm 1). 
  4. Journal, writing down what God tells you. Many prophetic words come from the whisper of God (1st Kings 19:12).

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Jared Laskey

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