There are black Americans who support life from the ‘womb to the tomb,’ says Alveda King

Evangelist Alveda King has urged African-Americans to unite against abortion, pray for an end to this evil scourge and wherever possible “vote for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

“Millions of African-Americans still support life from the “womb to the tomb,” says Alveda King, who is the executive director of Civil Rights for The Unborn.

Alveda King continues: “Millions of African-Americans support strong and healthy families. Many African Americans support educational choice for our communities. We need to continue to stand for our beliefs.

“Recently hundreds of African-Americans united with prayer meetings, open letters, letters, and peaceful protests near and around Atlanta, Georgia. Issues such as abortion, the civil rights of children in the womb, the transgender sexualization and disfigurement of minors, and other concerns were on their hearts. 

“In answer to these and other concerns, the #NotOnMyWatch prayer movement emerged. The movement is surging and many youthful voices are rallying to promote the cause,” she says.

Alveda King champions Not On My Watch

“In an open letter, and prayer rally, the Every Black Life Matters Movement is challenging people who are pro-abortion to stop supporting abortion; and to serve the Black communities of America with life, not death. 

“We are praying that millions of African-Americans will wake up, and with heads bowed down, and prayers lifted up, we urge America to stand up for truth, for justice, and the American way.

“We remain grateful to God for President Trump, America’s most Pro-Life President ever. We thank God for the three Pro-life, pro-family, pro education, pro Black business, pro religious freedom Supreme Court Justices that he appointed. 

“We still have a dream that families across America, one blood, one human race, will wake up, remember God, and choose life.”

For more information about Evangelist Alveda King visit Civil Rights for the Unborn

Also read: Seeking God for Liberty in a Time of Masks and Division by Alveda King.

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