Modern Day Jonah – How to stop backsliding and reset your relationship with God

Nathan Tabor is a ‘Modern Day Jonah’ who now devotes his life to helping others overcome backsliding. Discover how you can return to God.

What is backsliding in Christianity? Will God forgive you for it? What are the signs of backsliding and how can you stop it? What prayers can be offered for the backslider? These are all crucial questions Christians are asking.

There are many reasons for backsliding as a Christian. Perhaps your faith has become stale and you have gradually lost contact with God, or maybe you are struggling with some form of addiction or life-controlling issue and need a radical transformation in your life. The Good News is that God wants you back and no matter how far you have moved away from Him, He passionately awaits your return.

We know this from the Parable of the Prodigal Son. God our Father is constantly looking out for His prodigal sons and daughters to return. He wants to restore those who have gone their own way. If this is you, His loving embrace awaits. He will put a righteous robe around your shoulders, and a ring on your finger. Your return will be the cause of untold celebration throughout the courts of Heaven. All you need to do is ask for His forgiveness and be genuinely repentant.

You may not consider yourself a prodigal, but you are aware that your relationship with God has become distant. Perhaps you are a modern-day Jonah, with a prophetic gifting and yet you are facing many storms because you haven’t followed God’s plan for your life. The Bible tells us how Jonah had a calling on his life which he almost lost due to his disobedience. Perhaps disobedience has been the cause of your backsliding?

God has a way of getting our attention through the storms and trials we face. However He always has a plan of escape for us if we will humble ourselves before Him. When Jonah was thrown overboard God supernaturally saved his life by sending a whale to swallow him. This would ultimately bring him to the place where he would humble himself before God and repent. Is God throwing you a life-line right now? Don’t hesitate in taking it.

Modern-Day Jonah

Nathan Tabor is a modern day Jonah who now devotes his life to helping others overcome their backsliding and find the reset button with God. “The sooner you turn back to God the better,” he says. “The further you get away from God means the further you have to come back.”

In his new ebook, Modern Day Jonah, Stop Surviving, Start Living Nathan shares his personal account of how he disobeyed God and the chaos that followed in his life. He offers hope to all who feel their life is falling apart or who are suffering from the harmful effects of backsliding. This life-changing book is highly endorsed by notable Christian leaders and is available for free download.

The book is part of Nathan’s Handling Life program that offers a 7-week action plan that focuses on seven areas of your life. “What does your life look like?” Nathan asks. Take his assessment quiz to find out.

The cure for backsliding

According to the Handling Life program the symptoms of ‘Modern-Day Jonah Syndrome’ include stress, anxiety, conflict, poor self-control, depression, strife etc. Furthermore, these issues affect all aspects of life. Different people will use different ways to self-medicate against their pain but they don’t bring lasting fulfillment. That only comes when we decide to submit to God and follow His plan for our lives.

Let’s be honest backsliding can also be hugely damaging to the people around us, and especially those who we love the most. There is a cure, however. In simple terms, it is “getting right with God”. Press the reset button with God by running back to Him. Then get your daily spiritual walk back on track through regular prayer and Bible study.

Handling Life is a great program that will help you to accomplish this by pinpointing where you are with God, helping you to deal with unforgiveness and show you how to develop patience and walk in God’s wisdom. Don’t delay another minute! God wants you back on track so you can fulfill all He has called you to accomplish in life.

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2 thoughts on “Modern Day Jonah – How to stop backsliding and reset your relationship with God

  1. Sometimes we use the grace of God to backslide—a sometimes tragic way of becoming an apostate. We can slowly find ourselves going down a side road of darkness without ever being aware of it. The heart is desperately wicked; we develop all kinds of secret ways to pretend it is not happening, but we cannot keep that secret from God. For some, by the time it has gotten so far out of control, they give up entirely. Sometimes, when we go down that road—when we believe everything is lost and no longer care, we go to Jesus anyway, and tell him.

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