Rigged US Election – is the truth is finally coming out?

There was a time when any mention of the possibility of a rigged US Election was considered by some to be preposterous. Yet today, more and more people are starting to see how they may have been hoodwinked by the mainstream media; social media platforms; and other big tech giants. This is because the evidence against what has been called ‘America’s most secure election’ continues to mount. It seems the truth may be coming out in documented ways, with evidence that at least demands that fair-minded people take another look.

Back in 2020, UK Christian obeserved that the USA needs to restore voter confidence after multiple election fraud allegations, court cases and hearings. Sadly voter confidence is still in tatters as multiple sources reveal a wide range of issues that continue to call the 2020 Election into question.

There have been countless exposés with ‘Evidence that demands a verdict’, to quote the title of a popular Christian apologetics book. Commentators Like Lance Wallnau, Charlie Kirk, Tucker Carlson, Steve Bannon and many others have asked many uncomfortable questions that still need answering. Plus there have been several movies exposing electoral irregularities including the latest, Rigged 2020 Movie, which is absolutely astounding.

And big tech continues to silence, deplatform or shadow ban those who seek to reveal the truth. It’s no wonder Facebook has such a strict ‘Independent fact checking’ facility in place, to control the narrative as best they can, especially now that RIgged 2020 from Citizens United accuses their CEO, Mark Zuckerberg of spending $400 million to sway the election in Joe Biden’s favour.

According to Newsweek a film produced by Dinesh D’Souza in conjunction with True the Vote, an anti-voter fraud group provides further evidence of election irregularities. Their film, entitled 2000 Mules claims multiple stuffing of ballot boxes in the 2020 election.

Does 2000 Mules prove a Rigged US Election?

Today people say, everyone should forget about the 2020 Election and move on, yet can we really move on if an injustice has been done? We need to know the truth about the so called ‘rigged US election’ and there are still too many unanswered questions.

Unanswered Questions about the rigged US election

  1. Why did the FBI sit on the evidence contained in Hunter Biden’s laptop? It seems the establishment held this critical information back as it would have seriously diminished Joe Biden’s chances of securing the Democratic nomination. Emails contained on the laptop reveal Joe Biden’s close connections with the Chinese Communist Party, etc with financial deals benefiting ‘the big guy’.

    When the New York Post broke the story, their Twitter account was frozen and Facebook flagged their posts for ‘independent fact checking’. The story was dismissed as ‘Russian collusion’ yet today the mainstream media is being forced to acknowledge the authenticity of the report.
  2. The fact that Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others acted in unison to curtail the Hunter Biden Laptop story, does this mean they have some kind of agreement between them to support the Democratic party at all cost?

    And if that is the case, doesn’t that go against the freedom of speech they supposedly strive for? The censorship started with anything negative related to COVID-19 and vaccines, making way for a hive of activity against anything that would hurt the Democratic Party and especially any mention of possible election fraud.
  3. Did Mark Zuckerberg act illegally in funding the Democratic candidate so heavily? Is this acceptable in a free and fair election?
  4. Can the evidence presented in the film 2000 Mules be believed?

These questions may just be the tip of the iceberg. However each of them seriously challenges the integrity of the 2020 Election. Not that the results can be changed, however the American people deserve to know the truth.

From the Stop the Steal rallies after the election to the speculation that continues today, it’s crucial for the full picture of what really happened to be known. And from a Christian perspective, that justice will prevail.

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