30 days into the Israel-Hamas war we have reason to hope

When the latest Israel-Hamas war began there was much international support for Israel, that seems to be changing, but there is reason to hope.

Following the horrific events of 7.10.23 in Israel, people everywhere were voicing condemnation of the unspeakable atrocities perpetrated by Hamas. Iconic buildings were lit up in the colours of the Israeli flag and world leaders travelled to Israel to show their support.

Now a month into this Israel-Hamas war, most nations of the world are calling for a ceasefire as they consider Israel’s retaliation as being disproportionate. You just have to look to the recent UN resolution concerning this. The Bible tells us that the nations of the End Times will be divided into two categories, the sheep and the goats… And what is differentiating factor? Quite simply it is how they treat the nation of Israel.

Israel-Hamas war casualties

About 1,500 Jewish lives have been lost in comparison to what Hamas claims to be over 7,000 Palestinian lives. It’s hard to argue with these figures if you just make a quick comparison, but there is much more to consider than the death toll.

On the one hand you have a State working within the guidelines of International law, warning civilians to leave and on the other there is a terrorist organisation that uses its people as human shields, and places its command centers beneath hospitals. A cunning, dishonest enemy that uses ambulances to attack Israeli soldiers rather than provide emergency assistance for injured Palestinians. The casualties of war are lamentable on all sides, and our prayer must be that hostilities end quickly and civilian lives are saved.

Unfortunately the result of this perceived disproportionate action by Israel has given rise to increasing Pro-Palestinian marches in cities across the USA and the world. These are extremely well supported, with some correspondents observing that the BLM Movement are throwing their full support behind this as well as any organisation seeking to create anarchy.

Furthermore, these marches are characterised by the slogan, ‘From the river to the sea’, Palestine shall be free’. This slogan basically calls for the elimination of the Jewish State. How can the Israeli Government negotiate with a terror group that seeks its complete destruction?

Despite all this there is hope as you can hear from this TBN report in the video below. The Israel Defense Force (IDF) has finally been able to take out some of the Hamas command centers underground and ‘neutralise’ many of its fighters. This has been done in a clever way that has outwitted the terrorists as you will see in the video.

Israel-Hamas war – let hope arise

We pray for more divine wisdom for the Israeli soldiers, that God will lead and guide them to the exact places they need to be. That He will give them strategies and plans to end the terror.

We pray for the safe return of all the hostages, the protection of civilian life, the rooting out of evil. We also intercede against rising anti-Semitism internationally. The protests against Israel and the Jewish people must stop. We pray that the evil spirit behind these mass rallies and the lies they spread will be exposed and that truth will prevail. We pray for a swift end to this Israel-Hamas war, but not before the objective of regime change has been reached.

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