Let’s not take Christian freedom for granted. Pray for persecuted believers

Christian Freedom is on the line in many countries of the world right now. We even see danger signs of coming persecution in our own nation. So, we should never take our privilege of being able to worship freely for granted. We should also intercede regularly for all who are persecuted for their faith.

According to Christian Freedom International, there are many hostile regions of the world where Christians risk beatings, imprisonment, discrimination and death for their faith. They can also be punished harshly for the smallest acts of faith, for example, if they are seen praying.

Christian Freedom International encourages Christians to make persecuted believers a focus of their prayers in obedience to Hebrews 13:3 which says, “remember those who are mistreated”.

They have identified these six simple acts that, if done in some countries, can trigger persecution against Christians. The actions remind us of the price persecuted Christians pay for their faith:

Asia Bibi offered a cup of water to Muslim neighbors. They accused her of blasphemy and she was sentenced to death. So, therefore offer your neighbor a helping hand, an act of kindness out of love for Jesus.

Muna and Awale in Somaliland were caught with Christian materials and arrested for “spreading Christianity.” In response, you can give a Bible or Christian literature to someone who does not know Jesus.

New believers in hostile societies may be shunned or killed by their family or community. Reach out to a friend or family member therefore, to share the message of Jesus’ love with them.

China criminalizes teaching children about Jesus and jails pastors. You can make a difference by teaching a child about God. Help in a Sunday School class. Encourage your pastor.

North Korea criminalizes praying to anyone other than its Supreme Leader. Pray for Bibles and discipleship training to reach secret Christians and yet-to-be Christians in hostile countries to strengthen their faith.

In some countries, Christians are forbidden from having any contact with foreigners. What is the one thing they request? “Pray for us.”

Remember to stand in the gap for persecuted believers. Christian Freedom International has a free calendar that can help you to do this as it contains appropriate Bible verses that will assist you to pray effectively.

Wendy Wright, president of Christian Freedom International encourages Christians to raise awareness about persecution for one’s faith. “Your actions on behalf of persecuted Christians can strike up conversations with others. You can let people know that Christians are persecuted throughout the world, and there are ways we can help.”

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