Donald and Melania Trump launch new website

Donald and Melania Trump have just launched,, a new website that focuses on their America First vision for the nation. With many photos showcasing the Trump administration it also contains biographic profiles of the former President and First Lady.

Bios of Donald and Melania Trump

Donald Trump is described in his bio as: “the first true outsider elected as President of the United States” and Melania as “the second First Lady born outside of the USA and the only First Lady to become a naturalized US citizen.” 

He is credited for launching ‘the most extraordinary political movement in history,’ with ‘massive rallies that reached America’s hearts and minds with his vision for national rejuvenation.’ He will continue to advance his America First agenda, while Mrs Trump will continue her work on behalf of children and the issues she is passionate about.

Donald and Melania Trump on a trip to India, throwing petals into the air. Photo: Trump White House Archive.

According to the site, both Donald and Melania will continue to fight for American values, families, traditions and freedom. “President Trump knows that as long as we remain faithful to our citizens, our country, and our God, then America’s best days are yet to come.”

“The Office of Donald J Trump is committed to preserving the legacy of the Trump Administration, while at the same time advancing the America First agenda,” the site says.

“Through civic engagement and public activism, will strive to inform, educate, and inspire Americans from all walks of life as we seek to build a truly great American Future.

“Through this office, President Trump will remain a tireless champion for the hardworking men and women of our great country – and for their right to live in safety, dignity, prosperity, and peace.”

Visitors to the site are invited to share their thoughts with Donald and Melania Trump, invite them to an event or request a greeting from the couple.

“Donald and Melania Trump enjoy hearing from the American people.  In an effort to ensure that your requests and comments are received in a timely manner, it is strongly encouraged that you submit all correspondence online.” 


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  1. STOP referring to Biden as “President” That is not accurate new s reporting. He stole the election in a takeover of our country. Let’s not lie or present any “FAKE NEWS”!

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