070421 calls Christians to join together to start fixing America

070421 is a bold call to action that challenges Christians to join together to fix America, starting this Independence Day. It has been initiated by Kenny Kiskis who developed the 070421 website to bring believers together across different denominations to restore Christian values and morals.

“It’s no coincidence that 070421 is a Sunday,” says Kenny Kiskis. “We must go beyond our church walls and join with all churches in our towns and cities to fix our country. There is great power in numbers and our voices must be louder. The voice of 170 million US Christians joining together to save our country and our children will be hard to ignore.”

070421 is not an organization. It is a call to action, establishing a starting date for Christian churches to combat the ongoing moral decline of society. This has become more and more apparent in recent years and we have had so many warnings including this historic recording from 1965 entitled, ‘If I were the devil’. Watch the video clip and be astounded at its accuracy in revealing the strategies the enemy uses to engulf the world in darkness.

070421 responds to the enemy’s strategies

“America is in trouble and I’ve been so frustrated that I could only sit and watch things happen,” says Kenny. “It just didn’t feel right for me not to do anything. So, I created the 070421 website to challenge Christian churches across America to come together to influence change.

“We need our churches to partner together to attack the issues confusing our children and dividing our country. There are 170 million of us! We need Christians to appear at school board meetings in numbers to monitor decisions, and influence change. We need Christians to start writing campaigns aimed at companies who support immoral television shows and music.

“Our children need a moral compass. That is the only way to turn our country around. Teaching our children how to be good people will eventually lower crime, drug use, and other afflictions our country is suffering. We need to influence school boards, city councils, and public officials. If we create a country of children who have values and morals we will see great changes in our schools, on our streets, and in our society.”

Visit 070421.com for more information.

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