Trail Life USA calls Americans to ‘invite someone different’ to their Fourth of July cookout

Amid rising social tensions Trail Life USA is challenging Americans to ‘invite someone different’ to their Fourth of July cookout, calling for a ‘healing wave’ across the nation.

“Jesus taught us to ‘love one another.’ Now, more than ever, America needs to put love into action,” said Mark Hancock of Trail Life USA, a national faith-based adventure movement for boys, that is launching its first Backyard Cookout and Campout for Independence Day, July 3-4, 2020.

The South Carolina-based organization is inviting “every American to be part of the great wave of national healing that needs to take place on America’s birthday,” he said.

“The heart and soul of our nation could be at stake. Whatever your social position, religious beliefs, or political leanings, we’re suggesting you invite a neighbor who is different from you to join your July Fourth cookout, and share a hamburger or hotdog in friendship.”

The event comes as lockdown restrictions are being eased in many parts of the country, giving the green light to small gatherings that follow social-distancing guidelines.

Celebrate and heal around the grill

“The Fourth of July is a great reason to celebrate America and look to the future with the optimism and positivity that we, as one people, have historically embraced since the birth of our country,” Mark Hancock said. “In particular, this July Fourth is also an opportunity to listen, to reach out to people who aren’t like us, and to bind wounds as we gather around the grill together.

“We’re inviting families across all 50 states to turn this event into a new ‘American revolution’ of respect and kindness, reaching out to neighbors and others outside their family and usual social circle, and seeking a meaningful, affirming dialog with someone different from themselves.”

Backyard Cookout and Campout Event

Trail Life USA invites families to participate in a backyard virtual event on Friday, July 3rd at 4 pm (EDT). Register to watch and add your pin to the map. Any family can register for the livestream which features speakers such as Edward Graham, the grandson of the late evangelist Billy Graham and a US soldier who earned a Purple Heart in Iraq. The Backyard Cookout and Campout Event is supported by Operation Christmas Child and Focus on the Family.

About Trail Life USA

With troops operating in local churches, Trail Life USA is a Christian character development organization, that empowers boys and young men to honor God, lead with integrity, serve others, and experience outdoor adventure. Trail Life USA has some 30,000 members in over 830- troops across all 50 states. The Trail Life website provides information about camping tips, outdoor recipes, and activity ideas contributed by thousands of volunteers.

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