The Trump Prophecies – What are the prophets saying now Biden is President?

There have been many Trump prophecies over the years including prophetic words that the President will serve a second term. Did the prophets get it wrong, now that Joe Biden is President? Do we look to 2024 for a second Trump term if that were possible, or do we stand our ground in recognition of the prophecies so many spiritual leaders have given.

Firstly, we must understand that the prophets of God are not fortune-tellers, or those that predict the future. They are rather prophetic voices that God has raised up to make His will known in the nations. This is so God’s people can be envisioned and run with the vision.

When you consider that Donald Trump won “71,000,000 Legal Votes. The most EVER for a sitting President!” as he said on Twitter (before he was de-platformed) it’s clear that the prophets didn’t miss it. They foretold what the fakes polls and the biased globalist media could not. They thought Donald Trump was finished. Yet look at the victory he had and to think this was accomplished without mass media support and supportive polls? It is extraordinary.

The Trump Prophecies

Many people prophesied that President Trump would be President. Most notably was retired firefighter, Mark Taylor who had a dream telling him that Donald Trump will be the next President. This was made into the movie, The Trump Prophecy.

Kim Clement also prophesied about Trump as far back as 2007 saying that God would “put at your helm for two terms a president that will pray, but He will not be a praying president when he starts.” These Trump prophecies continue to give hope that the President will ultimately finish his job as a righteous leader, filled with the Holy Spirit.

Other prominent Christian leaders like Pat Robertson have shared their prophetic words over President Trump as you can see in the CBN clip below which features Kat Kerr, Jeremiah Johnson, Denise Goulet and Lou Engle. You can read many more prophetic words on The Elijah List such as Kat Kerr. Some don’t believe they got it wrong. Others have repented. Perhaps they were right but their timing was off. Perhaps they got confused between 2020 and 2024?

However if these prophecies don’t come to pass it is not necessarily that they missed God. We as God’s people. have a role to play. If all the millions of Christians in the USA played their part in unity Donald Trump would have had a landslide.

Lance Wallnau, author of the God’s Chaos code believes that we as Christians should not feel intimidated or lose our faith at this time. He believes that God will expose any fraudulent actions that have been taking place behind the scenes and that President Trump will ultimately be vindicated.

“If this election was legitimately done, Trump would be President,” Lance says. “However the votes were frozen…. Now Christians are now ready to form a firing squad against the prophets. However. it doesn’t work that way. Just because something is prophesied doesn’t mean it will happen because faith without works is dead. There has to be a corresponding action. This is why the Church needs to commit to fervent prayer and intercession like never before.

While prophecies reveal God’s will and envision His people, we need a plan of action. Lance believes this is revealed in God’s Chaos Code: The Shocking Blueprint that Reveals 5 Keys to the Destiny of Nations.

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13 thoughts on “The Trump Prophecies – What are the prophets saying now Biden is President?

  1. When will Christians (disciples) finally learn Gods process, which is NECESSARY to PROPERLY root out corruption?

    God’s simple 3 step process- (that us humans find difficult to understand/remember)
    1) Public spectacle of failure and humiliation
    2) Resurrection
    3) Glory to God

    There’s already enough Christians rejoicing at God’s victory (which happens to include Trump as president for a second term), but more Christians rejoicing at what God has ALREADY done, will make it even more of a walk over.

  2. Trump lost! The courts found that election was not rigged. Trump has lied to all about it. Why can’t you prophets just admit you are wrong. I’m a Christian and God told me to vote for Biden!! I’ll never understand how Christians could support a lying, cheating man like Trump? He committed adultery twice. Would we let him pastor our churches?

    1. GOD did not tell you to vote for Biden! HE wld not tell anyone to vote for a pro/abortionist & criminal!! Trumps past does not matter any more than all of your past sins matter once you’ve repented!

      1. did god tell you to vote for trump a unchristian adulterer. trump is still sinning so there is no way he has been forgiven. to be forgiven is to admit your sins and sin now more

    2. No, I would rather have Biden be the pastor then he would have unlimited opportunities to grope and molest the women and the little girls. Then he could bring in his family to steal the collection box. Think maybe your drinking to much of the wine.

      1. and you all know it is a lie and we know it is a lie and that is what is wrong with your side. You will believe anything fox and anyone on your side says. well biden is in and still in so I guess god likes him or the arizona audit would have been a different outcome. like I always said if trump was god’s will he would still be there

    3. does it bother you barbara that late term abortions are approved by all democrats? Does it bother you they are trying hard to break up the family unit, you cant say mother anymore cause its called parent. Does it bother you that gender is arbitrary. Most democrats turn away from god and my niece is a good example of that she voted for synema in arizona and told me she no longer believes in god. Trump is a sinner, so are you and so am I but always says its gods country and tried to lead the country in that direction. I read everything and dont just let CNN, abc, cbs lie to me day in and day out! They withhold biden scandals while lying about trump. So reconsider, read and pray to god!

      1. there is no such things as late term abortions. and if christians care so much about unborn babies they would adopt all they could. the christians are the hypocrites. texas is dying by the hundreds each day because no one is going to tell them to wear masks and get vaccinated and yet they are allowing kids to die each day in that tally

    4. Sadly. the devil has deceived you. This week will be published all the horrific crimes against humanity & America committed by Joe Biden family, Clintons, Obama’s , Pelosi famiily..evil evil crimes. You are not walking with God if you were told to vote for a man who took bribes from China and Russia..there is proof, a man who sexually assaulted woman, a man who admitted to blackmailing Ukraine on National TV , in order to continue the money laundering business A man who participated in killing seal team 6 , A man who support full term murder of babies!! Check yourself. You ARE walking with a demon. I have died and am very in tune with God..God chose Trump..he’s a good man. If he committed any crime -his enemies , the MSM , Big Tech and swamp would have already nailed him ! He is very clean and Walks in God’s light.

      1. and everything you have said has no proof only what fox and the right hint at. you have been conned because you lost touch with god and went after a golden idol

    5. So maybe you do not know but in not one of the fraud cases brought before the courts was any evidence heard! So no fraud was proven or dis-proven!

      The courts have ignored the cases and thrown them out on procedural grounds like the case not being filed soon enough or too late etc but no evidence has ever been heard. There are still 30 cases outstanding before the courts.

      Read this and it will give you all the cases raised and the real details. All that has been reported about Trump “loosing” the court cases is rubbish since no evidence has every been heard in court.

      Link to the court cases:

      Note there is also the open door that Trump has to challenge Biden as a fit person to hold office n the 9th Circuit court of Washington DC and if they do that they can present all the evidence and it will all have to be heard for the first time.

    6. You might want to take a look at the transcripts from the whistleblower Lin Wood interviewed. It mentions Biden and his wife, Jill. Go ahead, take a look. Read the whole thing. I dare you.
      Keep in mind that Trump’s name doesn’t come up in the same crowd that Biden’s does. If you’re not ill by the time you realize what you’ve been supporting, you need to get right with God.

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