The Arizona Audit and the fight for truth in America

The Arizona Audit results have now been presented and the documented reports are available to the public at Of course, opposing sides will see the results quite differently. Depending on whether you are a Republican or Democrat, truth seeker or conformist you will have your own pre-determined bias.

Even so, the Arizona Audit results should be examined and considered by people of all political leanings who care about election integrity. As the Arizona Senate Republicans have stressed time and time again, audits are a good thing and should be undertaken regularly to maintain public confidence in the electoral process.

If you watch the entire presentation of the Arizona Audit results there are many serious issues of concern. This is despite the wholesale dismissal of any election fraud by most media outlets include social platforms. How can we forget their many protestations against voter fraud, fact check warnings. Some of which can be seen in the screen grabs below.

It is simply not true to say that there is no evidence of voter fraud because there are many red flags which the Arizona Audit has revealed.

As can be expected, the mainstream media and large social media platforms have largely withheld coverage of the Arizona Audit results, except to say that “the Arizona Audit proves that Biden won, and won even more votes than previously reported.”

On the other hand supporters of President Trump believe there are some 40,000+ votes (see screengrabs below) that are suspect and could change the result of the Arizona election. In fact they are now calling for it to be decertified.

Watch the Arizona Audit results yourself and make up your own mind. Don’t rely on the commentary of others which ranges from downright dismissal from CNN who have called it “a sham report” to the Gateway Pundit which has a headline that reads: “President Donald Trump Responds to Arizona Audit Results: “I will be discussing the winning results – which show 44,000 illegal ballots “

As Christians, let’s pray that the truth comes to the fore. That’s all we are interested in. We want to see the fight for truth in America won. As you watch the Arizona Election Results consider the following irregularities that have been outlined by IT experts, Ben Cotton, Doug Logan and others.

Arizona Audit irregularities

  • Corresponding lists do not accurately reconcile. Potential voters who voted in multiple counties, more ballots returned by voters than received and more duplicates than original ballots.
  • Withholding of equipment and information by Maricopa County. “Obstructionistic actions by the county”. “Not all of the election devices were given to the auditors. Brazen willingness to refuse a subpoena.”
  • Evidence of deletion of files days before the Arizona Audit started. “Some individuals chose to clear all records that could be used to audit the election the day before an audit started.”
  • Claims that the voting machines were not connected to the Internet now refuted. Remote access was enabled. Previous independent audits did not find any Internet history. Significant history now recovered… from unallocated space. Multiple visits which require an explanation. “There was continual and repeated access to the Internet”.
  • Lack of accountability – the use of shared usernames and shared passwords do not allow individual users to be identified. Systems out of date and easily hackable. Anonymous logins.

As you watch the Arizona Audit results, you will see that election systems need to have the same level of security as financial systems and this was clearly not the case. In conclusion Senator Petersen stressed that voter integrity was always the goal of the Arizona Audit and now calls for the Attorney General to conduct an investigation.

“We need to understand why there were attempts to block and stop this audit, why the numbers don’t reconcile, to look into the issue of duplicate ballots, the chain of custody, cyber security and the failure to preserve files. The Arizona Attorney General is now being called upon to launch a formal investigation. To seek additional information and take appropriate action.

“For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.” (Luke 8:17)

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