Healings break out at Revive Orlando as Bootcamp Evangelists pray for the sick

Nations Church, the Central Florida-based church plant, recently partnered with Shake the Nations Ministries and Christ for all Nations ministry to host three days of worship at ‘Revive Orlando.’ During the event, bootcamp evangelists from Christ for all Nations (CfaN) were invited to pray for the sick and God started to move miraculously.

The Revive Orlando was birthed at Nations Church when Evangelist Nathan Morris of Shake the Nations heard God saying, I want to breathe the breath of life into this place. I want to move afresh again. He told Lead Pastor Daniel Kolenda, who felt the same, and together they planned Revive Orlando… three days of worship, preaching, miracles, consecration, and impartation.

Revive Orlando began on June 17th with Matt Gilman leading worship and Evangelist Morris preaching about hunger for God and encountering Jesus on the narrow road to revival. The crowd was electric as people worshipped, danced, and cried out for God to move, individually and corporately. “Our DNA is revival; that’s all we know. It’s a move of the Spirit,” said Pastor Kolenda.

People were healed, hearts refreshed and lives impacted

On the second evening, Eddie James and his team led worship with fire and passion. Pastor Kolenda shared about putting on Christ and trusting Him with absolutely everything. He called for the Christ for all Nations Evangelism Bootcamp graduates to come on stage to pray. Healings broke out across the room as God did what only He can do!

One woman suffered from plantar fasciitis for years, with pain that felt like “walking on burning coals after a long period of walking or standing.” When Bootcamp graduate, Peter Lapoint released a word about problems in the feet hindering people from preaching the Gospel; her hands shot up in the air! Her feet had been burning with pain from standing all night, but as Peter declared healing, it felt like a cool breeze swept across her feet, removing all the pain! She felt the Holy Spirit say, Go, now, teach My Word! I give you fresh boldness and truth! She ran up to the stage, desperate to share what Jesus had done. Since then, she has had the freedom and boldness to share the goodness of God like never before!

As a word of knowledge for abdominal pain was released, a man received the prayer for his hernia. It was instantly gone, “as far as the east is from the west!” His wife, who has been a nurse for 20 years, verified that she could feel the hernia before, but not anymore! Praise Jesus! Legs were healed from years of pain, arms were healed, hearts were refreshed, and many lives were impacted for eternity!

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Revive Orlando culminated on Father’s Day as Jeri Hill recounted the story of the Brownsville Revival, which began on Father’s Day in 1995. Pastor Kolenda spoke about Acts 3, when the Holy Spirit empowered the disciples. He urged attendees to be all in for God in every area of their lives: all or nothing! The Holy Spirit poured out joy, healings, and miracles – many were in tears. The service was over, but no one wanted to leave. Many stayed for hours at the altar. It was truly a fresh move of God to awaken, renew and revive! The next Revive Orlando will celebrate Nations Church’s first anniversary in August. Stay tuned!

SOURCE Christ for All Nations 

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