I want to ask you a big question. Don’t worry. This isn’t a hard question. It isn’t overly personal either. But it is an important question. Are you ready? Here it is: What is the happiest moment you can remember? You got it? What is it? I bet it’s amazing. […]


Despite whatever we may be suffering, God is always seeking to do restorative and resurrecting work in our lives. I’ve always said I wish God could teach me the biggest lessons without the biggest heartaches. But I usually find it’s seasons of grief and suffering when I learn the most. […]


Donald and Melania Trump have just launched, 45office.com, a new website that focuses on their America First vision for the nation. With many photos showcasing the Trump administration it also contains biographic profiles of the former President and First Lady. Bios of Donald and Melania Trump Donald Trump is described […]