The chief editor of the Modern English Version of the Bible shares his insights into the spiritual legacy of Queen Elizabeth II who endorsed this new Bible translation. The passing away of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth leaves a void in the world that will not be soon filled, perhaps not […]

Elizabeth Tiam-Fook of International Young Prophets gathers prophetic voices across the Body of Christ to speak into times and seasons. Whether it is gathering intergenerational prophets in person or broadcasting online, there is an acceleration of prophetic insight when they all come together. And she hosted a panel of apostolic and prophetic leaders to discuss worship in this new era.

Today June 24, the USA received a ‘much-needed’ victory for life and healthcare, ending the constitutional right to abortion through this latest US Supreme Court Ruling The 16,000-member Christian Medical & Dental Associations (CMDA), which is the nation’s largest faith-based professional healthcare association, has praised theSupreme Court’s decision in the landmark Dobbs v […]