Following all the challenges of the past couple of years, what does Thanksgiving 2023 look like? Let’s consider all we’re grateful to God for. Thanksgiving 2020 was possibly one the worst we can remember. With many places closed and family gatherings restricted it was extremely difficult. Added to this, was […]

The J6 tapes may offer unseen evidence concerning the so called ‘January 6th Insurrection’ at the US Congress but will they really change anything? Many people believe that what happened on that day was set up by parts of the US Government, the FBI etc to put an end to […]

Fear vs faith is a daily battle for many people in today’s world where one is bombarded by the news media with upsetting reports. How does one stay hopeful and overcome the battle of fear vs faith? You may have heard the expression, ‘Fear is the darkroom where you expose […]

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