How will the President bounce back from the latest Trump tax returns ‘scandal’?

Could the latest Trump tax returns bombshell be the end of the road for the President? Since the New York Times published their analysis of ‘tax-return data’ they obtained, many people have been asking this question.

Though Donald Trump has described the article as ‘fake news’ if this report is not quickly refuted, it could be severely damaging to the President and his hopes of re-election.

We all know that political opponents will look for ways to attack each other just before an election, and while the Trump tax return has been an issue for many years, these new allegations are highly damaging as they make the President out to be a cheat and a liar.

Two things Americans are required to do are pay taxes and jury duty so one can imagine many of Trump’s supporters will feel really let down if the accusations of tax evasion are true.

The Times information indicates Donald J Trump only paid $750 in some years and nothing in other years. If you believe their report it appears the President has a huge amount of debt which Nancy Pelosi has described as ‘a “national security question”. Furthermore, Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, continues to accuse the President of tax fraud.

“Based on what I know and what has been reported he may soon be the first sitting president to go from the White House straight to prison,” Michael Cohen told the New York Daily News.

Meanwhile, supporters of the President have taken to social media to refute these claims. In response to the question, ‘Donald Trump tax returns: Does tax returns scandal spell the END for Donald Trump?’ Peter writes: “Nah…. not having that. The IRS would have ripped him to shreds for even considering not paying. I don’t believe a word of it.”

Of course, President Trump has taken to Twitter to defend himself in a series of tweets, however he may have to voluntarily submit his returns to finally clear his name.

The Timing of the Trump Tax Returns ‘Scandal’

Ever since Donald Trump was elected there are those who have tried to do everything to stop him. They’ve protested and marched against him. They even tried to impeach him but couldn’t stop him. Now, just before the first televised election debate this report seeks to discredit the President.

It is also just days after the President announced his candidate to fill the vacancy in the Supreme Court, and this must be a key reason why all hell has broken loose against him. Those who are against him are furious that, with the appointment of another conservative Justice, the three remaining liberal judges will be outnumbered. They are concerned Obamacare will be overturned and possibly even Roe v Wade.

Significantly, this supposed tax return exposé followed a weekend where thousands of Christians gathered in the US capital for Prayer March 2020 and The Return to pray for the nation to repent and come back to God. President Trump sent messages to both events where he was widely celebrated due to all he has done to restore religious liberty and for Israel.

Now those tens of thousands of believers along with the American electorate will have to decide what to make to the Trump tax return issue. If we know the President he is sure to bounce back… But how? Submitting his returns will obviously help. We also need to remember that he is the only President in US history that hasn’t taken a salary, which speaks volumes in itself. Let’s pray for the President that He would have the wisdom and strength to handle this situation, that the truth would be revealed and justice and righteousness will prevail.

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4 thoughts on “How will the President bounce back from the latest Trump tax returns ‘scandal’?

  1. WHAT A DISGRACE that a “supposed” Christian news source is even glorifying all these LIES from the corrupt deep state media. Then again, I bet ya’ll are the SAME FAKE CHRISTIANS that are voting for the party of HATE, Abortion, Infanticide, Pedophilia and Child Sex Abuse and Trafficking.

    1. Did you even read the article? If you had you would see that we were addressing legitimate questions people are asking. Read out articles and make up your mind whether we really are fake Christians. Thank you for your comment though, it means a lot.

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