Prophets and US Politics… how do we strike a balance?

Many Christians are disappointed with their prophets and US politics. Many are disillusioned as so many of the predictions concerning the 2020 Presidential election were wrong. Some people have said they have given up on listening to prophets. However, I want to encourage them to not give up on hearing God for themselves and know that all of us can get things right or wrong.

Perhaps you are discouraged because you heard a trusted prophetic minister say your candidate was going to win the election. But it didn’t work out that way. There are other people still holding on to ‘hope’ and believe wholeheartedly Trump is still the US President. This is quite honestly a denial of the facts and can lead to delusion. 

The truth of the matter, right now as I write this, is that Joe Biden is President despite conspiracy theories that the US military and Trump are in control. There are some prophetic ministers, who predicted Trump would win, are therefore now apologizing saying they ‘got it wrong.’ However there are also still some prophets holding on to their word saying a miracle is on the way (and I have an upcoming discussion on this viewpoint on my podcast). 

Prophets and US politics

Tony Kim, the US National Director of Harvest International Ministries, and I had a recent conversation where I asked, “Did the prophets get it wrong?” Speaking with wisdom Tony said, “Some prophets did get it wrong and some prophets got it right.” 

Tony said (and I paraphrase), “We need to understand the difference between the old covenant prophets and the new covenant prophets. There’s a huge differential between the two. Old covenant prophets were known more for the accuracy and the prediction of what was going to happen in current events, but if they got it wrong they’d be dead. In the new covenant, I believe it is not so much about predictions as it is revealing the heartbeat of the Father. God’s intent, God’s will and the desire of His heart.”

Lessons Learned for the Church

I said, “We both love and serve the prophetic community but there are some lessons we need to learn from this.” A few lessons we can learn concerning the prophets and US politics are:

  1. Know your metron. This is your personal calling, anointing and measure or sphere of influence. My personal metron is to stay within personal prophecy and not the political realm unless God later opens the door and extends my metron. People need to know their measure or limits within the boundaries God gave them for prophetic ministry. But there is pressure to go beyond this as their audience asks and wants a word of hope and encouragement in areas they aren’t necessarily called to speak into.
  2. Don’t prophesy from your political persuasion. God is not Republican nor Democrat. God is transcendent of our earthly politics. Tony said, “In my humble opinion many of the prophets have prophesied through a nationalistic filter. And when we prophesy through nationalism, it is a presumptuous way of prophesying.” 
  3. Passionately pursue God’s presence. We should not elevate the prophetic person nor should we pressure them to prophesy. Tony said, “We need to really hear the heartbeat of God and hear the voice of God before we speak.”

Listen to this Conversation

It was a great conversation with Tony Kim which can help you navigate some of the questions you may be asking. Listen to this conversation of Adventures in the Spirit with Jared Laskey on Charisma, Apple, Spotify, Google and anywhere you listen to podcasts. And don’t forget to share it with your friends. 

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Jared Laskey

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