How to grow your church online and expand your influence

Pastor, church leader, worship leader, do you want to grow your church online? Who would have thought that 2020 would facilitate the rise of the online church? Previously many ministries had no online presence, now even the smallest of fellowships are using digital means to keep going in a time of social distancing!

Where lockdown measures are the most stringent church buildings may still be closed or gatherings severely restricted in numbers, however the online mission field has no restrictions. It is wide open and every church has something unique to offer. In today’s world where you can tune into any mega-church of your choice, people are still faithful to their local church because of that wonderful sense of belonging.

Now that you have taken the step to host Zoom services or have a weekly Facebook LIVE or YouTube broadcast, you will no doubt want to grow your church online as you reach out further for the Kingdom. Of course, you want to serve your local community but church online also enables you to reach further. The challenge is to go where others aren’t. As the famous evangelist, Oral Roberts said: “Go where the light is dim”

As a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic which has literally forced churches online, many Christian leaders have shared how the Body of Christ can rise above ‘the new normal’. One of these is media expert, Phil Cooke who is the author of Maximize Your Influence – How to Make Digital Media Work for Your Church, Your Ministry.

This is a helpful reference guide written by “one of the best voices in the field of digital media,” according to Bobby Gruenewald, who is the founder of the YouVersion Bible app. Phil has worked with pastors and ministry leaders for many years the release of this book on 1 September is timely. It will help church leaders to speak the language of the digital age.

Grow your church and expand your influence

“The digital age has changed everything we know about engaging this culture with the Gospel message,” Phil says. “The need to share our message never changes, but how we share it does. “Maximize Your Influence will help leaders navigate the multiple aspects of digital media including livestreaming, social media, video and television production, and podcasting. It extends to branding, book publishing, crisis management and more.” 

“If there ever was a manual for helping Christian leaders navigate the media… this is it!” says Ben Field, Head of Film & Television for Hillsong Church endorses the book.

“The book encourages pastors of 20 to 20,000-member congregations to embrace the digital world, says Phil. “It’s not about being famous. It’s about saying something that matters, and nothing matters more than the Gospel.”

Find out more about “Maximize Your Influence – How to Make Digital Media Work for Your Church, Your Ministry and You. 

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