USA.Life offers hope in face of coronavirus, providing an uplifting new social media experience

USA.Life, the inspirational new Christian social network, is helping Christians and churches to share God’s love during the stressful coronavirus crisis. Launched just a year ago, USA.Life aims to be “the answer to Facebook and Twitter censoring of Christians, conservatives, and liberty.”

“What is unique about USA.Life is users freely exchange Christian beliefs without the fear of being put in Facebook jail,” said CEO, Steven Andrew. Individuals and churches are invited to get a free account.

“People find God’s hope on USA.Life, because big tech’s censorship affects one’s faith, how many people are saved, national security, elections, and the strength of the church,” Andrew said.

The new social media platform enables viewers to like and love each other’s posts. It also has a patriotic flag option and a popular new feature is the ability to react to a post with an ‘Amen’ in the form of the Cross.

“Christians feel encouraged in these challenging times and sign up fast, because the site celebrates Christianity,” Andrew said. USA.Life is the most popular overall and/or in the nation of both Christian and conservative social networks, according to a report. There are also cooking and recipes, politics, funny dogs and cats, and more.

People connect with those important to them. Users, churches, and businesses share photos, updates, news, videos, and messages, and join groups. USA.Life hopes to be a leading social network. Users from other countries can join too.

About USA.Life

USA.Life is the answer to Facebook and Twitter censoring Christians, conservatives and liberty.

“It’s important to build your USA.Life following now, so you benefit the most as this family-safe, Christian Facebook alternative grows,” Andrew said.

Andrew set up a crowdfunding page to expand. “We don’t have the billions of dollars that Facebook and Twitter have, so we need people who want freedom, hope, and to advance Christianity to contribute what they can,” he said.

Supporters receive a special reward such as their name credited in the computer code, pro accounts and T-shirts. For larger donations, individuals and organizations can get their name on the founders wall.

To connect with people, groups, churches and businesses, get a free account at www.USA.Life.

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