Bishop EW Jackson for President? It’s time to empower evangelical voters

Bishop EW Jackson, a prominent evangelical leader and champion of conservative values has announced the launch of his presidential campaign. This is aimed at challenging the status quo, holding the establishment to account and giving a voice to the millions of evangelical voters who have long been taken for granted by the Republican National Committee (RNC).

With a clear message of accountability and empowerment, Bishop Jackson seeks to reshape the political landscape and ensure that the Christian vote is no longer overlooked by the establishment.

“For far too long, the RNC has capitalized on the support of evangelical voters while failing to deliver on their promises and advance the conservative values that are deeply rooted in the Christian faith,” he says. “Bishop EW Jackson. “I am determined to break this pattern and usher in a new era of principled leadership, guided by Biblical principles and a commitment to upholding the Constitution.”

As a renowned minister, conservative commentator, and Marine Corps veteran, Bishop EW Jackson brings a unique perspective to the political arena. He has been a tireless advocate for religious freedom, traditional family values, and the sanctity of life. Bishop Jackson has consistently fought against the erosion of these core beliefs and has inspired countless individuals to stand up for their convictions.

During his campaign, which launched on Friday, July 14th, Bishop Jackson intends to champion key policy initiatives that resonate with the evangelical community and address the concerns of hardworking Americans. His agenda includes protecting religious liberties, defending the unborn, promoting strong family structures, securing the borders, and restoring economic prosperity through limited government and free-market principles.

In launching his presidential campaign, Bishop EW Jackson stated, “It is time for a true Christian revival, a movement that places God, family, and country at the forefront. The establishment has ignored the voices of millions of patriotic Christian Americans for far too long. I am here to disrupt the status quo, challenge the powers that be, and ensure that the Christian vote is no longer taken advantage of. Together, we can restore our nation’s moral compass.

Bishop EW Jackson hosted a “2nd Chronicles 7:14 Patriotic Rally to Secure America’s Future’ on Friday, July 14 in Richmond, VA as part of his presidential campaign launch. Speakers included ministers and leaders from around the country.

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