The author of Crazy Happy, and lead pastor of Crossroads Community Church, Daniel Fusco shares on desires that drive you. When I was in college, I purchased my first upright bass. I’d been playing electric bass in bands for years, but one day at a concert, I saw a guy playing […]


Despite whatever we may be suffering, God is always seeking to do restorative and resurrecting work in our lives. I’ve always said I wish God could teach me the biggest lessons without the biggest heartaches. But I usually find it’s seasons of grief and suffering when I learn the most. […]

“Humility frees us to walk in the crazy happy way of love,” says Daniel Fusco. “It is one of the keys of living a blessed life.” We’re living in a self-help, self-love world, am I right? Scroll your Instagram feed, and you’ll see self-love motivational memos plastered everywhere. What I […]