What does the release of the J6 tapes mean to you?

The J6 tapes may offer unseen evidence concerning the so called ‘January 6th Insurrection’ at the US Congress but will they really change anything?

Many people believe that what happened on that day was set up by parts of the US Government, the FBI etc to put an end to the issue of a stolen election. On the other hand the Democratic Party and other Uniparty supporters have gone out of their way to prosecute protestors with an iron clad fist. The so called ‘Select Committee’ has conducted an investigation at great expense and yet there has been a huge reluctance to these J6 Tapes being made public.

It seems part of the reason former Speaker, Kevin McCarthy was ousted was that he did not keep his promise to release all the J6 tapes. However new Speaker Mike Johnson has now made the J6 tapes available online. “To restore America’s trust and faith in their Government we must have transparency,” he wrote on X. “This is another step towards keeping the promises I made when I was elected to be your Speaker. This website will be updated continuously with thousands of hours of footage.”

Nobody has time to go through all these J6 tape recordings, but what can one expect to see? Claims are now coming forward that, the J6 tapes will exonerate every person charged. Some go as far as saying that “the Government staged a riot to cover up the fact that they certified a fraudulent election.”

There is also much speculation in former Speaker, Nancy Peoloi’s role. She is being accused of colluding with suspected FBI plant, Ray Epps who instructed people in the crowd to go into the building.

Dinesh DSouza asks, “Have you seen a single video of Capitol police instructing the #January6 protesters to leave the building? Me neither. That means the rabbits were inside the trap set by Pelosi. Her goal? An orchestrated insurrection to shut down talk of a rigged and stolen election. It worked!”

Jack Poso says, “The J6 tapes are out and it proves that the insurrection narrative was a lie. What else have the Democrats and their media allies been lying about all along?” Meanwhile, Eric Abbenante claims that the J6 tapes were not released because they would expose the FBI informants that instigated the violence.” And former President Donald Trump believes the tapes will explicitly reveal what exactly happened.

It will be interesting to see if the J6 tapes will lead to the release of those who are in prison, or whether they will vindicate President Trump. Let’s continue to pray that the truth will come to the surface and righteousness and justice will prevail in the USA.

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