Speaker Mike Johnson – ‘For such a time as this!’

Christians across the USA should be celebrating today following the surprise appointment of Speaker Mike Johnson. His unanimous election gives us reason to hope. For too long Evangelical Christianity has been maligned in the highest levels of Government and it is reassuring to hear the new Speaker boldly sharing his faith and quoting Scripture.

Speaker Mike Johnson (Source: Wikipedia Commons)

Congressman Mike Johnson’s journey to Speaker of the House is something of a miracle. Looking back a few months ago, who would have thought that the position would even be vacant. Since then, there has been three weeks of confusion over who could fill the role. Thankfully a God-fearing leader has emerged who has been able to unite the Republicans in Congress. He is clearly a man of integrity who is ready to work hard to rebuild the trust of the American People.

Prophet John Natale and Jared Laskey recently spoke of ‘a coming showdown’ of the magnitude of Elijah and the Prophets of Baal. (See A Showdown is Coming-Global Prophetic News). The appointment of a Bible-believing politician to the third highest office in the land indicates that this is at least possible. It also inspires people of faith to go into politics and seek high office.

The previous speaker was ousted for not keeping his promises and there is every indication that Speaker Mike Johnson will deliver on what he has said he will do. He is a Representative from the State of Louisiana who has raised the bar on good governance, exposing political bribery. He has also called out the politicization of the Justice Department and the FBI’s measures to restrict freedom of speech, just to name a few of the issues he has targeted.

We give thanks to God for raising up Senator Mike Johnson, who has spoken at faith events including one hosted by Christians Engaged. We pray that God, who has given him this opportunity, will sustain him, strengthen Him and cause Him to be a transformational leader in every way. We pray divine protection over him and his family and a boldness to continue to speak the truth courageously.

Christians Engaged believes the Church has the answer to the immense problems facing our nation today. A slogan on their website proclaims: “America is waiting for us to be salt and light in our culture.” Senator Mike Johnson has previously made his stand known on a number of issues, where he is applying God’s salt and light. These include his unashamed commitment to protect the sanctity of life.

It’s encouraging to hear that Mike Johson is dispensing with the usual festivities surrounding the appointment of a new Speaker and is eager to make up for lost time, given the last three weeks of political wrangling. His concerns about supporting Israel; securing America’s borders and reducing debt are commendable. As is the indication that he will work differently, more humbly, with a more collaborative approach than previous Speakers.

Speaker Mike Johnson and the coming showdown

Speaker Johson has already had some heated confrontations in the quest of truth. See the example below where he calls FBI Director Christopher Wray to account in the House Judiciary Committee. This pertains to what a court has ruled to be ‘the most massive attack of free speech in US history.’

Mike Johnson’s remarks in this video clip give hope to the many people who have concerns about the legitimacy of the 2020 Election. Hope that the truth will be made known. The suppressing of the Hunter Biden laptop and it’s alleged revelations of Biden family corruption could indeed point to election interference.

This one point alone is sufficient to indicate something was awry, never mind all the other issues people raise from voting machines to 2000 mules. At least now we have a Speaker who can deal with these matters honestly and openly. He has promised to release all footage concerning January 6th, which the Democrats describe as “an insurrection.” Let’s see the footage and decide for ourselves.

‘Man of integrity’ are the words that come to mind in describing Speaker Mike Johnson and his stand against corruption. See the tweet below which is a reminder that bribery is grounds for impeachment. Much has been written about the illegitimacy of the Biden presidency with major criticisms raised over the disastrous US withdrawal from Aghanistan; the War in Ukraine; etc. Not to forget the rising cost of living and high price of fuel which has impoverished many Americans. The conclusion is that some of these things wouldn’t have happened if President Trump was still in the White House.

God bless Speaker Mike Johnson. May he be a unifying leader who is able to work in a bipartisan manner to restore people’s trust in the Institutions of Government. May he continue to be as bold a Speaker as he was as a Rep for Louisiana. May the Lord grant him far reaching wisdom and strategies from Heaven that would expose darkness and bring truth to light. May he never stop quoting the Word of God. “When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan.” (Proverbs 29:2)

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