Rima Fakih was the 1st Muslim ‘Miss USA’ now she is a Christian, wife and mother of 3!

Ten years ago Rima Fakih was crowned ‘Miss USA’, the first Muslim to win the title. Rima was born into a Shia Muslim family in Lebanon and came to the USA as a young girl when her parents decided to escape the Lebanese Civil War.

The large Arab-American family finally settled in Michigan where she attended the University of Michigan-Dearborn. She was crowned Miss Michigan in 2009 and Miss USA in 2010. The photo shows the reigning Miss USA wearing a baseball jersey at a game in New York in 2010.

That was a decade ago and a lot has changed in Rima’s life since then, in three major ways:

Firstly it was widely reported in the media that she had changed her religion. Christian Today ran the headline, First Muslim Miss USA converts to Christianity.

Secondly Rima married Wassim Slaiby 2016, a wealthy Lebanese Canadian entrepreneur and the couple had a fairy tale wedding in Lebanon attended by many celebrities.

Thirdly the couple now have three beautiful children, Rima, Joseph and Amira. Writing about her family Rima shared her gratitude to God for all He has done in her life.

“FOREVER GRATEFUL… I look at this photo and I count my blessings for I truly have everything I’ve ever prayed for,” she wrote on Instagram. And, in another post she asked that others may experience God’s blessing.

Ten years ago Rima was a beauty queen, today she is loving wife and mother who loves unconditionally. Having discovered ‘the bread of life’ she now champions the cause of combating world hunger through the World Food Program. She and her husband have also given generously towards disaster relief in Beirut following the tragic explosion in the Lebanese capital earlier this year.

Rima Fakih made headlines by changing religion. Now she is in the news for her philanthropy. Swapping one religion for another is one thing, it is another to have a personal relationship with the God of the Universe.

God also calls us to be kind to others, but most importantly He wants to have an intimate relationship with us and this is only possible when we come to know Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

We pray for Rima Fakih Slaiby and her beautiful family that they wouldn’t just know Christianity as a religion but that each of them would know the love of Jesus personally. May you also know God’s love and be in fellowship with Him every day. If you haven’t experienced God’s love and peace in your life, visit Peace With God.

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