President Donald Trump, The Second Coming

As believers in Jesus Christ, we do not look to any man, including Donald Trump. We’re looking to the return of our Lord and His glorious Second Coming. He has promised to return to the earth and He will in His own time. The ugly state of the world right now is a clear sign that this may be all too soon. Unless by God’s mercy the Lord gives us more time…

Many believers will agree that God gave us more time with the accession of Donald J Trump to the American presidency. It was a miracle he got through the Republican Primary in 2015 and an even greater miracle that he beat Hilary Clinton in 2016. There were many prophecies that God was at work to halt the humanistic, Godless agenda that has been increasingly at work in the USA. Prophets like Lance Wallnau spoke of Trump as having ‘a Cyrus anointing’. In fact he described him as ‘God’s Chaos Candidate’. A leader with great authority but not necessarily even a believer, not initially in any case.

Now voices such as Lance Wallnau are hoping for a second four years in office for the former President. This idea fits well with Lance’s philosophy on ‘The 7 Mountains of Influence.’ This in a nutshell inspires believers to take back Godly influence in the world by becoming leaders in one of these seven fields including Government. Whether you love or loathe the 45th President, if you are a Christian you cannot deny how God used Him to roll back the darkness.

An unlikely source admittedly. An imperfect man, indeed. And yet God’s choice for such a time as this. Accomplishments of the Trump Administration were colossal. From a Christian perspective, it became ok to be a Christian again and two monumental things were realised that many of us never thought possible in our lifetime. The one was that the US Embassy was moved to Jerusalem recognising Jewish ownership of God’s Holy City. Secondly, he was able to appoint three Supreme Court Justices which directly led to the overturning of Roe V Wade. This was a huge turnaround, sending abortion legislation back to the States. It certainly takes us closer to the Pro-Life quest of “making abortion unthinkable.”

These achievements have come at great cost, especially to President Trump who is now being indicted left, right and centre as his opponents on all sides try and do everything they can to prevent him from standing for President again. Trump has called this ‘a witch hunt’. While he may or may not have broken the law, it’s clear for all to see that these cases are politically motivated by people who have a hateful agenda against him.

The Second Coming of Donald Trump

As believers our eyes are on Jesus. We look expectantly to His return. However should the Lord tarry, many, many Christians are hopeful that we will see President Trump return to the White House. He promised to ‘drain the swamp’. A job he left unfinished. However what we have seen over the past three years of Biden Administration is the complete breakdown of America. Not least of which, broken borders, chaos in many American cities, looting and fire, a disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and the War in Ukraine could propel us towards World War 111.

Scholars of Bible Prophecy will put the downfall of America down to the fact that the USA is not mentioned in eschatology, that the nation must reduce so Europe can return to the forefront and escalating globalism can bring forth the rise of a One World Government. Could God be giving us more time? I pray that God in His mercy is giving us a reprieve. Trump is not a globalist, he doesn’t kowtow to the demands of the World Economic Forum and other globalist bodies which is why they hate him so much.

The Big Question is of course, “Was the US Election of 2020 Rigged?” While this is a highly partisan issue, I would like to ask you to consider this question in the context of all that has happened over the past three years and what we know today. Yes there is all kinds of ‘evidence’ being presented although none of it seems to stick. However today we know a number of key facts that certainly question whether the elections were free and fair. Getting to the truth of this matters otherwise the US may never have another authentic election result.

Hunter Biden’s incriminatory laptop was dismissed by the FBI as “Russian disinformation”. This one factor could have changed the outcome of the election. The fact that it was suppressed cannot be seen in any other way other than being election interference.

President Trump was impeached with regard to his dealings with Ukraine, however we know today that it was Hunter Biden who was taking huge bribes for access to his father, aka ‘the big guy’. This new information could even lead to the overturning of this Impeachment. And impeachment for Joe Biden. Remember the famous warning, ‘Be careful of what you wish for!”

There have been exposé films such as ‘2000 Mules’ and ‘My Son Hunter’ to name a few. Plus commentators such as Tucker Carlson have revealed inconsistencies in the January 6th narrative put forward by the Biden Administration and the January 6th Committee. If the truth comes out here this could be another overturned impeachment for Trump.

Furthermore, if you look at how social media was controlled by the FBI as revealed through Facebook and Twitter, and how much money Mark Zuckerberg channelled into the election, one has to acknowledge there are many inconsistencies.

BUT GOD is now exposing all these things. “For nothing is hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come to light.” (Luke 8:17)

With regard to Twitter he used the greed of the company’s investors to expose what was happening. The Democrats, Government Bodies, the company and staff obviously didn’t want any of Elon Musk’s #TwitterFiles To see the light of day. But they could resist the $44 billion dollars. It was a huge price to pay for Freedom of Speech, but this was a complete turn around for truth.

In the same way, a passion for revenge will trip up Trumps opponents. Case after case has been brought against him but he now has the power to defend himself and call witnesses. To present evidence that has never been presented in court. Perhaps this will lead to Donald Trump’s complete vindication. One prophet at least thinks so.

Chris Reed of MorningStar Ministries has prophesied several key things will happen this year:

  • God is going to expose bribery and corruption in the USA which will lead to the end of the Biden administration. The Hunter Biden laptop case will be opened up and the influence of Chinese Communist Party and foreign money on the US electoral process will be exposed.
  • Chris believes President Biden’s health will continue to fail and he will be out of office before the next election. He says Kamala Harris will be at the helm for a short time, but it will only be weeks or months. He sees a man winning the Democratic nomination but it won’t be Joe Biden.
  • He talks about ‘a nasty battle’ between ‘Ronald and Donald’ referring to the upcoming Republican primaries. Chris predicts Ron DeSantos will be future President of the United States but not in 2024. He believes Trump will prevail following the intervention of a woman of colour who will restore his credibility by exposing corruption.
  • Chris maintains that House of Representatives enquiries will shock the world in 2023. Chinese bribery and corruption will be exposed as boxes and boxes are opened as ‘a smoking gun’, which will prove without a doubt that the US electoral process has been compromised.

To be honest I personally feel we need to adopt a ‘wait and see’ attitude towards any prophecies concerning politics and the 2024 Election. Remember how wrong leading prophetic voices were in 2020? However it is interesting to see how Chris Reed and others are sticking their neck out concerning the future of the USA.

The Second Coming of our Lord Jesus

While I find the subject of another Trump Administration fascinating I am reminded that it is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ that should have our foremost attention. “Therefore, stay awake, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming.” (Matthew 24:42)

Everyone has a God-shaped vacuum. We try to fill it with all kinds of things but are never truly satisfied until we fill it with the love and grace of God. You see we were created by God and there is a deep longing within each created being to be reconciled with our Creator.

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