Jane Hamon’s Revelation on How You Can Get Breakthrough

Jane Hamon is a powerful prophetic voice to the nations. She gives you revelation on how to receive breakthrough.

Jane Hamon is a powerful prophetic voice to the nations. Before Covid (BC) she traveled twenty days a month. But once the pandemic was declared in the United States, even though travel halted, her ministry accelerated. She told me that the Lord led her and her husband Tom to lead their church, Vision Church at Christian International in Santa Rosa Beach, FL., in communion every night on Facebook, during the pandemic. 

It was during the ‘lockdown’ that Jane had deeper revelation in how believers can receive their breakthrough. In 2019 the Lord told her that He was going to take the church out of survival and into revival. Jane said, “I think the Lord was speaking into the times we are living in right now. I believe that God has set us up for what will be the greatest global revival on the earth.”

A Vision of Jesus

Jane mentioned, “I had a vision in the beginning of 2020 where Jesus walked up to me and I was standing shoulder to shoulder with believers from around the world. And Jesus walked up to me and handed me a white stone. I knew it represented the white stone of the overcomer in Revelation 2:17…That is a stone of favor and of the overcomer. The Lord was letting us know that we were about to go through some things, face some huge challenges. But the Lord was showing that we will overcome those challenges because He has overcome the world.”

Bringing a word of hope and encouragement to the nations she has heard the Lord say, “I am up to something.” She continued saying, “We are going to have to trust Him and lock our eyes on Him.”

Moving into Springtime

As we emerge from the previous season Jane says you can receive your breakthrough by:

  1. Knowing our identity as the ‘ekklesia.’ Jesus used this word which is translated as ‘church.’ But it’s not just about a gathering of people, but a military term from the times Jesus lived in meaning, ‘called-out ones,’ but also implies people are sent as ambassadors to rule and reign. Knowing our identity as the ‘ekklesia,’ Jane says, “We are to superimpose Heaven on the face of the earth.”
  2. Decree your breakthrough. Job 22:28 says, “You shall decree a thing and it shall be established for you.” This shows that as a Christian you are to write a decree and speak it out over your circumstances. As kings and priests unto God, seated in Christ in heavenly places, you are to take what God is decreeing and speak them out. 
  3. Know that God is the God of Breakthrough. Micah 2:13 says, ‘The Breaker has gone up before us.’ Breaker means, ‘breaking out, breaking off.’ It means that you can break out of any and all limitations like David did when he went up against Goliath. When David stood face to face with Goliath, David decreed and declared prophetically what he was going to do. And the Spirit of God broke out on that situation and David slayed Goliath.

Decree Over Your Circumstances

Jane said, “When you decree, you are turning your ear to hear the King’s voice, and then decreeing what He is speaking into the earth with a voice of authority and the voice of the ekklesia to begin to see things shift and change.”

I invite you to listen to this powerful conversation with Jane Hamon and join with us as we decree your breakthrough on Apple, Spotify, Google, Charisma, YouTube and anywhere you listen to podcasts.

Jared Laskey

Jared and Rochelle Laskey founded Fireborn Ministries together to teach believers how to live a daily Spirit-empowered life. You can find their resources and learn more about their ministry at firebornministries.com. They also have e-courses such as “Entry Level Prophecy,” “The Last Days,” “The Baptism with the Holy Spirit,” and more on charismacourses.com, and the popular podcast Adventures in the Spirit, available on the Charisma Podcast Network and anywhere you listen to podcasts plus Spirit Empowered Living, a teaching and equipping podcast.

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