Game Over? It’s not over until God says it’s over!


I was believing God for something very important when I received a call I was dreading.  In the back of my mind, I immediately felt the threat, “GAME OVER”! It certainly felt that way for a few moments. I was so distraught, I told the caller I would have to call back.

I was in the middle of an urgent mortgage application that was crucial for the future wellbeing of my family. For a moment all hope seemed lost. I felt completely overwhelmed, pinned down by fear, my chest tightened and I started to breathe heavily.  I felt betrayed, abandoned, but I had walked with God long enough to know that it was not over until He said so. Though the enemy will throw all kinds of fears and doubts at us, we have to trust that God is greater.

He is the God of the Impossible and He can make a way where there seems to be no way. He can make it happen when you are told it can’t be done, or that you don’t qualify or that you are not good enough. He is Jehovah Jireh our Provider, He is Jehovah Nissi our Banner.

I don’t know what you are believing God for today. Perhaps it’s for a life partner, a job, the ownership of a home, healing, reconciliation in relationship break up… No matter what it is I imagine you will face the same voices as I do. This is because we know whose voice attacks our mind with feelings of helplessness. It is the father of lies, our enemy Satan who loudly shouts, “You will never make it through”, “This is the end for you”, “You’re finished” , “GAME OVER”.

This is all part of his strategy to kill, steal and destroy. The enemy loves to intimidate us, and paralyze us with fear. Yet Jesus comes to give us life and life more abundantly. And the Bible says that when the enemy comes in like a flood, God will raise a standard against him.

In the natural, the success of my application was touch and go, but I chose to trust God and pray for it to succeed. I saw glimmers of hope. I wasn’t out of the running yet. It was not game over for me or my family. We decided to persevere.  To believe God that He would come through no matter what. And that no matter what the result, that we would continue to serve Him with all our hearts because He knows best.

And do you know what, despite everything against us, God came through. He showed us who is more powerful than Covid-19, more powerful than delays, disappointment and despair. Our application took longer than expected but it finally went through even in lockdown. You can imagine the relief we all felt. This gives us the strength to believe God for breakthrough in the next battle we face of starting a new business.

So don’t ever give up on God. Listen to His voice and decree His Word. Allow His Word to be at the forefront of your mind, not Satan’s lies.  Speak God’s truth out. He told me to “Be strong and courageous, not to tremble or be dismayed because He is with me.”  He knows then that there is every opportunity to tremble and to be dismayed but I’m not going to do it. I am going to stand firm and decree the truth of God’s Word about my situation.

Lord help me to rise above enemy attack. To walk in faith, not in fear. For Your Perfect Love casts out fear. Lord I pray that you would encourage every reader that it is not game over for them.  You will keep us in perfect peace if our eyes are fixed on you.

I for one am looking forward to sharing more testimonies of when God comes through for me like He always does. He has the best track record. Yes, I have been in very tough situations before when all hope seemed lost, but He came through for me and my family and I have no doubt He will do it again. Not only for me but also for you!

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Wordsmith, overcomer and exhorter. Al has a degree in Journalism and Media Studies and years of publishing experience in Africa, the UK, Israel and USA. He left South Africa in 2001 to work for GOD TV in England and is the author of three biographies. Blogs he writes for include; International Christian and UK and US Christian.

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