‘Americans are rejecting radicalism,’ says the Truth and Liberty Coalition

According to the Truth and Liberty Coalition, Americans have woken up to the “scary realities of the radical ‘progressive agenda’ of modern Democrats.” This comes following the November 2021 election results which have shocked leftists and the liberal media, as Americans reject the radical progressive agenda of modern Democrats. The coalition maintains that:

Since Joe Biden’s controversial win in 2020, the country has witnessed an onslaught of leftist, ideologically driven policies. Biden threatened to pack the Supreme Court with liberal justices. He surrendered to (and left behind $85 billion in military equipment for) the murderous Taliban in Afghanistan. He opened our borders and welcomed a million unvetted migrants with no regard to the rule of law, safety, violent crime, or COVID. He has attempted to purge the US military of service members with conservative views and is forcing businesses to fire employees who refuse to be vaccinated or submit to weekly COVID tests.

In the Democrat-controlled Congress, progressives have attempted to enact a federal takeover of elections that would enable widespread fraud and one-party control. They sought to elevate LGBT ideology above religious freedom and punish anyone with different views. They have borrowed trillions of dollars for corrupt and fruitless programs, and given billions of taxpayer dollars to the abortion industry.

In the last 20 months of pandemic-related hysteria, Americans saw their businesses destroyed, cities burn, cost of living skyrocket, and constitutional liberties threatened. They also discovered that radical, progressive Democrats installed ideological indoctrination programs in the public schools.

With children learning online during school lockdowns, parents got to see with their own eyes what their kids were being taught. They found students weren’t learning the ‘three Rs’ of reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic, but rather radicalism, racism, and revolution.

Critical race theory divided children into groups of “oppressors” and “oppressed” —pitted against each other by race in a new form of segregation. Young people were poisoned against their nation and its values by curriculum based on the historically fictional 1619 Project.

Like Soviet propagandists, progressives told parents not to believe their lying eyes because critical race theory was supposedly not being taught. Never mind that many of the parents making their voices heard at school board meetings were racially diverse – white, black, Asian, and Hispanic – their complaints were just a symptom of toxic whiteness, said media pundits.

Influenced by the LGBTQ agenda, students were encouraged to choose their gender and – with the help of educators – pursue sex change treatments without notifying their parents.

At a Loudon County, Virginia, school board meeting in June, officials considered allowing biologically male students to use girls’ restrooms, another crazy cultural transformation idea from the radical left. A school official claimed that no sexual assaults had been reported in restrooms.

Local father Scott Smith was at that meeting, became enraged, and was restrained by police. His arrest was later used to justify federal Department of Justice and FBI investigations of concerned parents for “domestic terrorism” against leftist school boards.

As it turns out, Smith’s daughter had been sexually assaulted in a girls’ bathroom the previous month by a boy wearing a skirt. School officials reportedly knew about the crime and covered it up.

The tipping point came when Terry McAuliffe, Democrat candidate for governor of Virginia, declared in a televised debate, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” The resulting ‘wokelash’ on Election Day caught nearly everybody in the media and Democrat Party by surprise.

When it became clear that educators and leaders had no interest in listening, parents and concerned citizens around the country mobilized as candidates, taking a stand against indoctrination and the oppressive mandates that left many children falling behind academically. School boards across the nation – in non-partisan races – flipped largely to conservative candidates.

Just weeks ago, Democrat Vice President Kamala Harris said Virginia would be a bellwether for the rest of the country. Republicans swept the governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general races, while also taking control of the state House of Delegates.

Polls suggested New Jersey’s Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy – a proponent of harsh COVID-related lockdowns – would easily win re-election, but days after the vote his Republican challenger was still within reach of an upset victory.

An unknown everyman truck driver running as a conservative Republican spent pennies on the dollar compared to his Democrat opponent – and unseated the New Jersey State Senate president.

As the real agenda and the Marxist roots of CRT become exposed, Americans are recoiling. More people are rediscovering traditional values as a foundation for the future, and fighting back.

Now more than ever, patriotic Americans need to unify and press forward to reclaim and rebuild America according to its original design — one nation under God with liberty and justice and for all.

About the Truth and Liberty Coalition

The Truth and Liberty Coalition, is a nonprofit organization based in Woodland Park, Colorado. It was established by Andrew Wommack, Lance Wallnau and other Christian leaders and is led by Richard Harris.

The Truth and Liberty Coalition seeks to educate, unify and mobilize believers in Jesus Christ to affect the reformation of nations through the seven mountains of cultural influence.

“We see a Church unengaged in the public square because we have been conditioned to believe there is a disconnect between the secular and sacred. There is not. We have been commissioned to bring Heaven to this earth, to its people – every tribe and tongue,” says Richard Harris who is executive director of the coalition.

“Our heart is to mobilize the Church to engage with biblical truth. We find often that churches and pastors don’t know where to start. Our goal is to educate our audience and connect them with resources and organizations across the nation to help them impact their own spheres of influence.”

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