People around the world have an important question on their minds right now, and it’s “What is going on in America?” With the final election results hanging in the balance as recounts take place in key states, it seems this stalemate situation could last weeks. Everyone can see how divided […]

Lance Wallnau is one of many Christian leaders who prophesied that Donald Trump would become President in 2016. Back then, he referred to him as ‘God’s chaos candidate’ and ‘a wrecking ball to political correctness’. Now Lance and other Christian leaders are believing for “a historic, world-changing election result.” They […]

With the US election just around the corner, it seems that many Christians are still considering how to vote Biblically, if they vote at all. This has led the Salt and Light Council to introduce the “Biblical Voter Booklet – A Step-by-Step Guide to Biblical Voting: What you Need to […]